Welcome to the future of ocean-based carbon dioxide removal.

That’s what we’re building.

Our technology

No one knows what tomorrow holds, but at Brineworks we’ve got a good idea of how to make it better.

Put simply, in order for the world to meet the UN’s net zero goal in 2050, ocean-based carbon dioxide removal efforts must increase at an unprecedented pace and on an unparalleled scale.

Enter: Brineworks. Founded in Amsterdam in 2023, our team has developed novel electrolysis technology that's enabling affordable, scaleable, and responsible ocean-based carbon removal.

Offering the lowest price per-ton of CO2 removed on the market, our tech’s high output and low material costs will make it a leading solution in the industry.

Scaling at low cost

Unlike other existing technologies such as chlor-alkali, our innovative modular system ensures cost-efficiency at any scale. Moreover, our technology can outperform electrodialysis-based systems by reducing total carbon removal costs.

Environmentally Responsible Ocean-Based CO2 Removal

Brineworks' electrolysis technology is the future of the industry because it empowers responsibly deployed ocean-based carbon removal.

In technical terms, our modular system will support deployment of Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement and Direct Ocean Capture by drastically decreasing the risk of large-scale alkalinity imbalances and/or oxygen depletion. Or in other words, our system is designed to minimize the risks in leveraging our oceans to remove CO2.

Our system was built with nature in mind: operating with Earth-abundant materials, it is as economical and sustainable as the service it provides. This system therefore makes it simpler and more affordable to remove carbon dioxide from the ocean, helping to fight climate change while protecting marine ecosystems.

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