Ocean-based CO2 removal through electrochemistry

We’re building the future of affordable, scaleable, and responsible ocean-based CO2 removal

How it works

To reach the United Nations’ net zero target by 2050, we need to ramp-up carbon dioxide removal in our oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers to the scale of global industry.

To achieve this, 5 gigatons of fossil fuel emissions need to be removed from the environment each year—more than 50,000 times the current rate.

Brineworks is building the future of affordable and ecologically responsible ocean-based carbon dioxide removal.


Our technology will enable affordable and responsible ocean-based CO2 removal

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Ocean-based CO2 removal

We are leveraging the ocean’s ability to combat climate change

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If you want to build the future of ocean-based CO2 removal, check out open positions here.

Brineworks is an international team based in Amsterdam. We are driven by our goal of delivering an affordable, scaleable, and efficient ocean-based carbon removal technology.

Think you can help us? We’re looking for talented, experienced, and highly skilled teammates that share our vision.

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